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SkySparc Launches Application Monitoring as-a-Service


SkySparc, an independent solutions provider, has launched SkySparc Application Monitoring Service (SAMS), a software as a service (SaaS) solution that ensures operational excellence of critical processes and infrastructure.

 Accessible from any device, SAMS offers a real-time dashboard view of the status of mission-critical systems as well as individual drill-down views of processes important for end users, all accessed via secure personal logins.

The SAMS dashboard enables users to quickly identify application or process issues, with alerts directly registered in SkySparc’s ITSM application and handled by SkySparc Expert Center or forwarded to client support teams. The solution takes a proactive approach to surveillance by storing metrics and data from the applications being monitored, enabling forecasting and resolution of potential bottlenecks and problems before they arise.

While most monitoring systems typically monitor hardware, infrastructure and operating systems, SAMS is unique in being a business-focused application monitoring service, provided in addition to internal IT surveillance.

“SAMS brings the power of monitoring systems to the application level, enabling business users to get instant assurance that critical functionality and processes of the application are working as they should and are not delayed or obstructed. The ability to customize views gives the business much greater control over parts of the application that are of interest for their role,” says SkySparc CEO Joakim Wiener. “SkySparc’s talented development team have created a service that meets the needs of our highly demanding client-base.”

“The metrics on application-level performance have proved very useful for the business, enabling us to pinpoint areas that require attention and to compare performance over time. Used in combination with SkySparc’s exception management, the business gains a clear picture of the status of exceptions and how they are being handled. If a system is not performing as expected, we can contact SkySparc and the team can investigate the metrics to determine what is happening,” says a spokesperson from a multinational corporate treasury.ContactSkySparc
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