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VWO Named the Leader in Five Categories of G2’s Summer 2022 Reports


VWO, the world-leading experimentation platform has been named the leader in five categories winning 20 badges apart from emerging as the leader in G2’s Momentum Grid. The globally trusted web testing and CRO platform ranked #1 in six of G2’s Summer 2022 reports:

– Mid-Market Grid Report for A/B Testing
– Mid-Market Relationship Index for A/B Testing
– Mid-Market Usability Index for A/B Testing
– Mid-Market Implementation Index for A/B Testing
– Mid-Market Results Index for A/B Testing
– Mid-Market Results Index for Mobile App Optimization

The Grid Reports determine products with the most satisfied customers and the largest presence in the market. Index reports on the other hand are about product usability, implementation, relationship, and results – factors that matter the most to buyers. And, the Momentum Report showcases products that are growing and innovating.

VWO’s consistent presence in the leader quadrant authenticates the product’s vision to help organizations embrace experimentation successfully through its world-leading products on testing and insights.

“We’re closely listening to our users and helping them drive increased conversions, better customer experience, and steady growth through successful experimentation,” said Sparsh Gupta, Co-Founder & CEO, VWO. “We’ve further accelerated our momentum in product innovation and become the top choice of more and more enterprises. For us, it’s been about providing value to our customers, and our products and support augment our value proposition very well. We’re happy that our customers recognize our efforts. These results validate their trust in us.”

Users praised VWO’s unmatched support and intuitive visual editor that helps them run tests at scale, increase conversion rate, and grow faster.

“VWO helps run a variety of tests, amongst my favorite is the heatmapping feature which includes a heat map, click map and scroll map. These features make it easy for my team and I to see where which pages have the most activity and where gusts drop off.” – Alex V.

“The VWO editor for A/B testing is advanced and easy to use. Tests display quickly and professionally on multiple device types on your live site. The VWO team is also really helpful with support for anything you or your team get stuck with.” – Jeremy A.

“VWO is super user-friendly and self-explanatory and simple. On the flip-side, if there is a hang-up or issue, customer support is super helpful by phone or chat.” – Administrator in Marketing & Advertising



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