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Alpha Serve Has Become an Atlassian Platinum Marketplace Partner


Alpha Serve received the Silver Partner badge in the Marketplace Partner Program in 2021, approximately three years after the company launched its first app on the Atlassian Marketplace. About six months later, Alpha Serve became a Gold Partner in the program. Now, the company has been announced as a Platinum Partner in the esteemed Atlassian Marketplace Program.

The Atlassian Marketplace Partner Program was created in 2020 as a predecessor to the Atlassian Verified/Top Vendor program. The Top Vendor program was launched in 2014 to showcase high-traction Atlassian vendors. As the number of Atlassian developers grew into the thousands, Atlassian introduced the Marketplace program to incentivize app development further and promote enhanced security practices for its platforms.

The Marketplace Partner Program is tiered into three levels: Platinum, Gold, and Silver. Partners who have demonstrated high-level investment and strategic alignment with the Atlassian platform were promoted from one level to the other.

The recent promotion of Alpha Serve to Platinum Status Partner confirms that Alpha Serve has consistently met Atlassian’s requirements in the areas of Cloud and Data Center investment for all its apps as well as participation in the Marketplace security program.

In addition to the basic achievements for Silver and Gold Status, companies that would achieve Platinum Status must fulfill additional requirements. This includes a less than 24 hours support response time to all Atlassian customer escalations, full compliance with security and trust regulations, and a minimum of $1M annual gross sales with at least 35% coming from cloud sales.

Alpha Serve has been an active Atlassian Marketplace Partner since it launched its first app on the marketplace in 2018. The company has built various enterprise-grade Atlassian tools for Jira and Confluence, as well as high-performing apps for ServiceNow, Zendesk and Shopify with a special focus on BI Connectors and integrations.

“Alpha Serve remains a dedicated and active partner in the Atlassian Ecosystem. We will continue to prioritize developing high-quality and high-performing solutions that meet customer needs. At the same time, we hope to collaborate even further and form new partnerships with other Vendors.” – Anna Odrynska, CSO at Alpha Serve

Since becoming a Gold Partner in 2021, Alpha Serve has gone on to release a new product to the Atlassian Marketplace, Oracle Analytics Connector for Jira, while staying on top of feature updates for its existing apps. All of Alpha Serve’s Cloud apps on the Atlassian Marketplace also became Cloud Fortified in the current year. The company has now received a Platinum badge for all its efforts, sealing its place as a dedicated top contributor to the Atlassian Product Ecosystem.



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