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Trial Software Limine is Now Transpire


Transpire is the only software solution to combine collaborative trial prep, live transcription, deposition management and customizable presentation in a single online platform. The name is new, but the software is not. Until this week, the product had been called Limine, brought to market in 2018 by the company known then as Legistek. Now, both the leading trial software and its company are called Transpire.

“Though our original product, Limine, was conceived as a DIY courtroom presentation tool, we quickly found that our customers’ most pressing needs were really in the war room, the office, and even in the deposition room,” said Peter Moore, Founder and CEO of Transpire. “In partnership with Epiq, we ported our original product to the web and combined robust pretrial support with professional-quality presentation. Now, with additions like real-time transcription, and a new major version around the corner, we felt the time was right to choose a new name that captured the entire post-discovery litigation workflow, from depositions to trial, just as our software does. And what is the purpose of litigation if not to determine and prove what transpired?”

Transpire offers direct licenses of its SaaS offering to law firms, trial consultants, court reporting firms and government agencies for everything from transcript delivery and deposition management to live transcription and trial presentation.

“We just recently received a $106M verdict using the powerful video editing capabilities that Transpire has to offer,” said Rob Rosenberg, President of Rosenberg Consulting Services, Inc. “Our company has made Transpire the centerpiece of how we interact and collaborate with our clients on the highest of profile cases throughout the United States. It offers online capabilities that are second to none and I have not seen elsewhere in my 25-year career and 18 years as a business owner. Simply put, we do not go to trial without Transpire. It is by far one of our sharpest and most precise arrows in our quiver.”



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