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Solospace Meta is the First Network of Virtual Cities Backed by Real Property to Bridge Into the Virtual World


Solospace, the new kids on the blockchain, are finally launching their much anticipated land sale this month. The team includes Soma, an MIT alum and chief innovation officer at Solospace believes Solospace is leading the metaverse movement. Soma says, “Building a Network of Virtual Cities is complex, however this dynamic team is innovating with advanced ERC-1155 Semi-Fungible Tokens in ways never seen before.”

 is the first Network of Virtual Cities backed by real property to bridge into the virtual world. Co-founder and blockchain engineer, Matt Cohen says, “Building a Photo-Realistic, multi-user virtual world is exciting, and combining it with real deflationary elements is helping us connect the virtual world and the physical world in new ways.”

The team behind Solospace is focused on creating a world where users can decide on game concepts, design factors and contribute to the growing community driven ecosystem. In return, users are able to get special perks, tokens, and actually earn a living thru utilizing the platform.

Solospace will provide experiences built on Epic Games’ Unreal Engine platform, offering special live events hosted with partners at SurrealEvents.com to create a virtual utopia which will help shape the digital landscape of what we consider, “The Metaverse.” CTO, Dan Flugger stated; “Although the Web3 virtual transformation is still in the early phase, the progress the team has made is remarkable, and we can’t wait to share our it with our community.”

The first land “Pre-Sale” is expected to take place at the end of March, as many virtual real estate and crypto enthusiasts are already beginning to recognize Solospace as potential leaders in the space, if they can pull off their ambitious vision.

Solospace was founded by a team of passionate expert blockchain pioneers, developers, architects and gamers, with a purpose to build a virtual experience for humanity to explore, earn, shop, and play.

The Land launch is coming.




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