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New Cryptocurrency Shield Coin Aims to Offer Investor Protection in the DeFi Crypto Space


Newest cryptocurrency Shield coin seeks to change DeFi by introducing cryptosurance, the only insurance for crypto assets.

 Shield Coin (SHC), a new token launching March 26, 2022, is the first and only token to provide protection for crypto assets. Shield Coin offers all holders protection from scams through cryptosurance (insurance for crypto currencies). In addition to cryptosurance, Shield Coin offers holders consistent passive income and long-term price appreciation.

Insurance Perfected: Shield Coin has taken the insurance concept and elevated it to a whole new level. Unlike paying for a home or car insurance, Shield Coin holders gain triple value from each Shield Coin purchase. With each transaction, holders receive:

· Cryptosurance protection
· 7% BUSD reflections
· The option to maintain holdings and benefit from token appreciation or sell and invest in other crypto projects, while coverage remains active.

Reliable Passive Income: All Shield Coin holders receive a portion of the project’s 7% reflections on all transactions (buys and sells). Since cryptosurance coverage requires a purchase transaction every 30 days, holders consistently receive passive income that puts real money in their wallets and can even offset or completely eliminate the cost of insurance.

Freedom to Grow: By letting holders use and reuse their money, Shield Coin helps its holders build wealth while also strengthening the DeFi crypto space.

Beyond this, Shield Coin will launch an innovative and ambitious utility that will draw in thousands of holders in the second quarter of 2022. Shield Coin aims to be the largest project in the DeFi space, providing investor protection to anyone seeking their fortune in crypto!



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