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ThoroughCare Announces $3 Million Capital Raise to Advance Care Coordination for Value-Based Care


 ThoroughCare, Inc., an integrated care coordination software platform that enables healthcare providers to effectively deliver value-based care, has received a $3 million investment from Cypress Growth Capital. The investment of funds will be used to accelerate growth through platform technology enhancements, expand business development efforts into new markets, and nurture customer success initiatives.

“This capital investment recognizes the mission and value proposition of ThoroughCare to help simplify care coordination and value-based care delivery through digital solutions,” says Dan Godla, founder and CEO of ThoroughCare. “Through this funding, we look forward to growing our team and expanding our reach to provide software solutions that enhance clinical and operational efficiency for healthcare providers across the country.”

Cypress Growth Capital, with extensive investments in cutting-edge, emerging technology companies, brings a strategic partnership to the relationship that will provide ThoroughCare with significant experience and expertise, as the ThoroughCare technology platform and its clientele continue to evolve.

Cypress believes that its non-dilutive growth capital is a great fit for ThoroughCare. “ThoroughCare has a proven SaaS solution serving a rapidly growing segment of healthcare,” said Cypress Growth Capital Partner Pat McCaffrey. “Dan and his team have built an exceptional business and it is poised for dramatic growth. Preserving their increasingly valuable equity is a top priority.”

ThoroughCare, which recently launched ThoroughCare Analytics, enables physicians and caregivers to streamline patient engagement, enable integrated, coordinated care, and simplify value-based reimbursement programs. It has helped physician groups, clinics, and health centers overcome healthcare challenges through intuitive software solutions for streamlined patient care.

To discover how your health care organization can utilize ThoroughCare for care coordination, contact a representative by visiting https://www.thoroughcare.net.

About ThoroughCare
Founded in 2013, ThoroughCare provides digital care coordination solutions to over 600 health clinics and physician practices throughout the United States. ThoroughCare’s intuitive software, analytics, and mobile applications are designed to support a holistic, continuum of care for healthy patients and thriving practices. Organizations use ThoroughCare’s SaaS platform to enable personalized health experiences, streamline value-based care delivery, and help identify the next best actions at critical moments. Learn more at www.throughcare.net.

About Cypress Growth Capital
Cypress Growth Capital is the largest and most experienced revenue royalty-based growth capital investor in the United States. Since its formation in 2010, Cypress has completed more than forty multimillion-dollar non-dilutive growth capital investments in software and technology-enabled services companies. With more than $150,000,000 of capital under management, Cypress has an established track record of funding emerging companies and helping entrepreneurs achieve their goals.



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