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Terabyte Unlimited Releases QnE Companion, a Windows Productivity Program


TeraByte Unlimited has released the QnE Companion, a flexible, easy-to-use Windows program that helps boost productivity by placing handy utilities right at your fingertips. With a screen capture utility, clipboard manager, desktop icon utility, and a launcher, QnE Companion makes it really easy to get lots of work done with very little effort.

QnE Companion puts a set of “quick and easy” utilities right on your desktop so they’re always right there when you need them. QnE Companion lets you decide how you want to access them. You can elect to have QnE companion as part of your Windows taskbar or you can have it available from a small, floating window. And at any time, all the functions can be accessed by handy shortcuts.

QnE Companion puts the most needed tools right at your fingertips. First up is the Clipboard Companion. This tool expands the Windows clipboard and increases your productivity. The Clipboard Companion stores your clips and keeps them in an easy-to-access list. Users can refer to important clips again and again and access quickly and easily. With just a couple mouse clicks users can select a clip and paste it into a document.

Up next is the QnE Screen Capture utility. This tool makes it easy to capture your screen while one is working. Capture the entire screen or just a specific portion. QnE makes it easy, and it also has support for multiple monitors! Users can easily send screen captures to email, printer, or disk.

If all this wasn’t enough, QnE Companion also gives users a handy launcher wh rere one can put all the things one uses most. The QnE Launcher can be populated with the folders, documents, and programs most often used. It can be laid out to suit individual needs and work style. Create cascading submenus so everything can be quickly accessed right from the desktop.

The QnE Icon Companion provides all the functionality needed to work with the location of icons on the desktop. If installing a new program, adding a new file to the desktop, using remote access, and the like, it can be almost impossible to find what icons one is looking for. Enter the QnE Icon Companion search feature that flashes the desktop icons that match given criteria.

Another feature includes saving and restoring desktop icon locations. This feature is amazingly helpful in cases when the desktop icon layout is disrupted due to factors such as resolution change, remote desktop, or a new icon is added that pushes everything out of position. With just a few clicks everything can be restored.

The QnE Companion is a powerful set of tools that will make you much more productive. It can be downloaded online from https://www.terabyteunlimited.com.



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