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Omnitronics Releases New omniGateP25 Software-Based Radio Interoperability Gateway with Auria Wireless P25 Trunked Network Using the P25 Console Interface (CSSI)


Testing was conducted with Auria Wireless on an Auria Wireless P25 Trunked Radio Network using the APCO P25 Console Interface (P25 CSSI) with an Omnitronics omniGateP25 Digital Radio Software Gateway and Omnitronics omnicore Enterprise Dispatch software in accordance with APCO P25/TIA standards.

The omniGateP25 has been designed with ongoing cost-effectiveness in mind, especially in comparison to other gateway solutions, through its unique ability to fan out connections directly from a small physical RoIP Gateway, thereby minimizing ongoing license fees for CSSI connections between the licensed P25 RF Sub System and the Console Sub System.

A single omniGateP25 can connect to up to 128 dispatch consoles simultaneously and is easily configured using a convenient web-interface. Automatic Workgroup Failover Redundancy is available as a standard feature, when duplicate omniGateP25 units are installed.

Beyond cost-effectiveness, users of P25 trunked radio networks benefit from the ever-growing plethora of features that come as standard with omnicore Enterprise Dispatch, ideal for users that look to grow their capabilities in public safety, mission-critical organizations and enterprise applications alike.

Add to that omniconnect interoperability capability of Omnitronics dispatch to connect and use infrastructure of statewide networks without vendor lock-in.

Omnitronics Research & Development Manager, Paul Whitfield, said, “We are setting a new standard in cost-effectiveness and Interoperability with our omniGate software gateways. A level of cost-effectiveness that is hard-to-beat, especially when it comes to considering ongoing licensing CSSI licensing costs that need to be budgeted for over the asset’s lifetime when opting for other dispatch solutions.”

“I am very happy with the outcome of the testing. As a result, this digital radio technology is now available for all users of our flagship omnicore Radio Dispatch Management Systems,” he adds.



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