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Microsoft Forms for Confluence is Now an Atlassian Cloud Fortified App


Microsoft Forms for Confluence developed by software company Alpha Serve has received a badge from the Atlassian Cloud Fortified App Program. The plugin has been recognized as one of the safest and most reliable on the Atlassian Marketplace.

Microsoft Forms For Confluence is a tool that allows users to embed forms in Confluence and collect structured data using the functionality of Microsoft Forms. The app helps to insert any of the Microsoft forms easily, reshape and resize them depending on the Confluence page design and according to specific needs, manage polls and collect feedback without window switching, and share the responses directly in Confluence. The forms are embedded easily with the URL. It is also possible to hide them when printing the page. The plugin uses anonymous access to collect data from a wide audience of users, including those not authorized by the system which makes it easier to collect opinions and remarks not only from team members but also from customers, etc. Qualified technical support is also provided.

“At Alpha Serve, we prioritize security and high-level customer support, and we are glad to be recognized by the Atlassian Cloud Fortified App Program. The badge received for one more solution created by our team proves that our efforts and partnerships are in line with our commitments,” says Anna Odrynska, Chief Strategy Officer at Alpha Serve.

Cloud Fortified Apps is the program developed by Atlassian to ensure high-level security and advanced customer support for the applications and plugins that are available on the Atlassian Marketplace. The status is granted to the solutions that meet business-critical operating requirements in terms of eligibility, reliability, data protection, and service. By purchasing the tools with the badge, customers can be sure that these add-ons are of the same quality as the Atlassian’s products themselves.

Alpha Serve is an international software company from Ukraine that helps businesses to increase their effectiveness and security level through the tools with proven scalability, performance, and advanced data protection. It has 20+ applications in its portfolio with 4500+ active installations. Alpha Serve’s main focus is the development of BI connectors and product integrations, including enterprise-grade plugins for Jira, Confluence, Shopify, and ServiceNow. It is an Atlassian Gold Marketplace Partner and Atlassian Silver Solution Partner.



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