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MaddLogic Goes to Meta Gather


This past month from May 16 to the 18, MaddLogic’s founder, Jason Madden, had the exclusive opportunity to represent the Software firm by attending Meta’s Meta Boost Gather 2022 live in Washington, D.C. Meta, previously known as Facebook, hosts an event in which small business owners from all across the United States come together to learn, network, and grow in friendship. Jason received his invitation to be one of the 500 leaders hosted in person and celebrated for this year’s event.

A part of the Leaders Network Group on Facebook since early 2022, Jason Madden has been provided a platform to connect and network virtually with vetted businesses. Still, Meta Boost Gather allowed him to talk face-to-face safely and efficiently. As the owner of MaddLogic, a Texas-based company founded in Dec of 2017, he joined a group of over 30 fellow Texan business people to meet with Senator John Cornyn’s office. Their conversation was to introduce themselves and discuss the problems Small Business Owners face while also presenting creative solutions when possible. Many other members of the Leaders Network also had the opportunity to meet with the policymakers from their States and markets.

When asked about his experience, Madden responded, “This was an invaluable opportunity for my business and me as an individual. Being able to have facetime with our state’s government representation is very hard because of their busy schedules, and I was fortunate to have some of their attention. The importance of small businesses in our communities can sometimes be easily overlooked and hard to find ways to reach the ears of our elected officials. I’m excited to continue building relationships with my newfound friends and helping one another grow as much as possible, leveraging Facebook among Meta’s other products.” Including the virtual session, the Meta Gather Event had over 1700 attendees.

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