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GenRocket Launches Synthetic Data Community


GenRocket, provider of the industry’s most advanced Synthetic Test Data Automation solution, has launched a new online community for DevOps professionals to share their knowledge and experience regarding the use of synthetic data.

As one of the hottest topics in software development and delivery, synthetic data is increasingly being used for automated testing and training machine learning algorithms. That’s because intelligent synthetic data generation technology can simulate any type of data including structured or unstructured data, complex transaction workflows, upstream or downstream data feeds, and even images and electronic forms. Synthetic data is frequently used in place of sensitive production data to ensure compliance with data privacy laws.

The GenRocket solution allows DevOps teams to model, design, deploy and manage synthetic data generation at enterprise scale. Its self-service platform is used to accelerate test cycle time and maximize test coverage with the ability to generate real-time synthetic data on-demand.

The goal of the GenRocket Community is to become a global network of people who are passionate about synthetic data and is open to anyone interested in this new paradigm. Developers and testers who are new to synthetic data can ask the community a question about any software testing challenge and get an answer. Experienced data architects, developers, or test engineers can share ideas and advance the science of synthetic test data automation.

The GenRocket Community will also host discussion groups, hold events, and share educational resources.

More Information:-www.genrocket.com



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