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tDrive Aims to Disrupt Online Storage by Launching on the Telos Blockchain


tDrive is pleased to announce today, at Consensus 2022 by CoinDesk, a new decentralized storage service for cloud users who want to own their data while earning crypto.

The cloud storage landscape has been dominated by big data corporations who store user data in centralized server farms – including personal data that is accessible to employees and vulnerable to hacks. tDrive leverages distributed server nodes and the Telos blockchain to provide a Web3 alternative storage solution for anyone who values file security, privacy and reliability. Plus, tDrive subscribers will earn tDrive crypto as rewards.

CEO Kevin Quaintance, who also sits on the board for Telos Blockchain, says, “tDrive is the next generation of cloud storage for privacy-minded individuals, because it leverages zero trust security and the decentralized web. Telos is the obvious choice to host tDrive for its speed and affordability. We look forward to a successful partnership.”

Consensus 2022, taking place in Austin, Texas this year, is the longest-running crypto festival celebrating everything crypto, blockchain, Web3 and metaverse related. Attendees to Consensus can schedule demo of tDrive by stopping by the Telos booth (#438), or go to http://tdrive.io/signup to receive updates about the launch or to join the beta program.

tDrive will offer a user-friendly and familiar UI, but with a modern security architecture and purpose-built with blockchain and crypto fans in mind.

More Information :- https://tdrive.io



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