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Minneapolis’ Game Phoenix Explodes with Added Platforms


Game Phoenix’s Video Game Catalog Explodes with Added, Classic Platforms

After starting the Game Phoenix video game trading community with a focus on current gaming systems, the team has expanded their catalog to include all systems back to the original Nintendo and Sega Master System.

The update adds literally thousands of games to the trading platform in hopes of enticing the growing community of video game enthusiasts who enjoy classic games. Now with a library of almost 20,000 titles, covering classic and current games, Game Phoenix is making titles available that users haven’t seen in decades.

“Shortly after launch, we had emails coming in from gamers who were asking about older systems,” said Game Phoenix Founder Josh Klun. “There are so many games that were only put out on systems like Sega Genesis and Nintendo Game Boy, so as gamers we completely understood. We’re so pleased to make these games available for the users in our community.”



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