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Gamer Advantage Delivers Better Sleep and Innovative Science for a Generation Working, Living, and Playing in Front of Screens


 Gamer Advantage, the premier developer of blue light glasses, is expanding production and distribution with its new location in Walled Lake, Michigan. With this larger facility, CEO Bryan Reedy is preparing his team for new partnerships and bigger sales as the sleep epidemic continues to escalate and the after effects of Covid-19 have more eyes on screens than ever.

“Everyone who looks at a screen for part of the day deserves the protection, comfort, and style of Gamer Advantage glasses,” said Reedy. “Our lenses help stop the suppression of melatonin, which is the reason people aren’t sleeping. Also, poor sleep is an epidemic in society. It is an even bigger deal in gaming. I am lifelong gamer and I understand the mental and physical issues my community is dealing with due to sleeping poorly.”

Gamer Advantage glasses are the solution for extended screen exposure that causes sleep disruption and eyesight deterioration. The body’s biological clock (also known as circadian rhythm) influences how much melatonin is produced, and blue light exposure affects melatonin production. Blue light from LED’s, especially at night, disrupt natural sleep patterns causing your body to feel awake. This, in turn, negatively impacts sleep, health, productivity and decreases reaction time.

Gamer Advantage is focused on wellness and eye health with a scientific approach and clinical studies to provide a quality solution for gamers and non-gamers alike. “Wearing Gamer Advantage lenses can prevent the suppression of melatonin that is induced by 21st century digital and lighting technology, thus improving the quality of sleep for some patients,” said Dr. Adam Berger, Ophthalmologist & Retina Specialist & partner at the Center for Retina & Macular Disease.



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