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Gamer Advantage Announces Collaboration with Genusee


Two Michigan-based eyewear companies come together to promote and provide sustainable eyewear products with a purpose.

Gamer Advantage, the premier developer of blue light glasses, is excited to announce their Earth Month collaboration with Genusee, the sustainable eyewear collection originating from the Flint water crisis, started by Ali Rose Van Overbeke. A first of its kind collaboration, The Gamer Advantage x Genusee glasses will be available online starting April 6, 2022.

These two Michigan-based online eyewear brands focus on different messages, but come together through their locality, and drive for their businesses. Genusee eyewear focuses on environmental sustainability and upcycling. They use 15 plastic water bottles per frame to create their fashionable eyeglasses. Gamer Advantage focuses on helping gamers sleep better, so they can perform better.

“I had heard about Genusee and the awesome things they were doing for the environment. I knew they were based in Flint, Michigan so I thought hey, why not send the CEO a message. Honestly, I was floored at how it took 15 reusable water bottles to make one pair of glasses. I had no idea what would come of this collaboration, but after connecting with Ali, I knew this was meant to be. I don’t think there has ever been two eyewear brands that collaborate,” says Bryan Reedy, CEO of Gamer Advantage.

“When Bryan reached out, my first thought was, ‘What are gamer glasses?’ but then I realized that it was no different than a football helmet, or a seatbelt in a car. What Bryan was creating was a fashionable piece of safety equipment to help promote better sleep and reduce fatigue when sitting on screens for a long time. I figured, if it’s good enough for a gamer, it will probably work for me and after trying it for a few weeks, I was right. Bryan has something different here,” said Ali Rose Van Overbeke.



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