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TiENWORLD Announces First Airdrop of Up to 5 Million NATI Tokens


Airdrop awards NATI ERC20 token to invite new users of TiENWORLD metaverse communities where 85% of the 2 billion NATI token are ready for users to play and earn inside the TiENWORLD metaverse platform.

 Calling for new metaverse users to join TiENWORLD metaverse platform, this platform is owned by TiENWORLD LLC. (incorporated in Wyoming March 2022) 100% owned by Axis Technologies Group, Inc. (OTCMARKETS: AXTG) a publicly traded holding company focused on the promotion, development, management and marketing of various aspects of businesses surrounding all aspects of decentralized finance (DeFi). Through acquisitions, strategic investments, and its current investment holdings, AXTG seeks to support, develop and take advantage of various blockchain and DeFi projects, opportunities and initiatives..

This first airdrop to award 100 NATI Tokens to new users, Ethereum wallet owners, employees, shareholders and investors, becoming NATI token holders will be able to stake and swap on 3 DeFi protocols (Uniswap, SushiSwap, and TRAMS DEX) which will be trading live after April 28, 2022.

“I am very pleased that we have now attracted many new ambassadors that will become the spokesman of TiENWORLD, this includes famous sports stars, artist, educators, technology evangelists, astronauts, we have build AI programmed avatars of famous singers, scientists, philosophers and inventors that have left a legacy for future generations, which we digitised into avatars known as aristocrats inside our TiENWORLD,” said William Tien the founder of TiENWORLD. “While there is the possible in the digitization of any physical assets to a digital format that can be stored in time in NFT and lived inside the user’s wallet into eternity. At the same time create a new decentralized generation of followers in this digital empowered communities.”

All recipients of airdrops have until April 28, 2022, to claim the airdrop from TiENWORLD website starting March 28, 2022.

TiENWORLD is built on the foundation of 3 As: Any time, Any way and Any one. As guiding principles, the 3 As dictate how users will access and participate in the new global blockchain ecosystem through Web 3.0. We will have hundreds of thousands of users entering the new TiENWORLD ecosystem worldwide that will be launch by second quarter 2022, and we’ll continue to champion accessibility to drive digital transformation for generations to come providing a new generation of digital citizen.

NATI smart contract address: 0xba5e3525148ef7b69dbaf282cb0ad58cb66ca283

Learn more at https://medium.com/@tienworld



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