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Graphite Lab Develops Original Game for Atari


 Independent video game developer Graphite Lab recently announced its newest title Kombinera, a puzzle-platformer experience, to be published by Atari. The IP video game – which is the first time Atari has funded, published, and distributed one of Graphite Lab’s original games – will be one of Atari’s first releases of 2022 to commemorate its 50th anniversary.

Kombinera will be available on 11 platforms including PlayStation 4|5, which is another first for Graphite Lab. The game will be downloadable on PC via Steam and Epic Games Store, as well as Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Atari VCS, and mobile platforms (iOS, Android) in April 2022.

Graphite Lab joined forces with the new independent label Joystick Games to create the game. Joystick Games was founded by Jacob Lear and Phil Snowbarger, who conceived the concept during a Game Jam. This is the first collaboration for Graphite Lab in its history and resulted in the company hiring the Joystick Games’ team thanks to the Atari partnership.

“Joystick’s collaboration with Graphite Lab opened a world of possibilities,” said Phil Snowbarger, Co-Founder of Joystick Games. “It allowed for exploration and expansion on our original concept of Kombinera. We are excited to use this momentum to make more original games and help grow the St. Louis game development community.”

The game lets players take control of multiple-colored balls while navigating through more than 300 increasingly perilous environments and puzzles. All the balls move in unison, avoiding obstacles like tricky barriers and spikey walls which will require intense concentration and brain-taxing problem-solving.

“Kombinera is truly the product of a combined effort and the desire to create something different from the pack,” said Matt Raithel, Graphite Lab Owner and Studio Director. “Juicy animation, clever storytelling, and memorable puzzles were all made better through collaboration with Atari’s creative team.”

About Atari
Atari is an interactive entertainment company and an iconic gaming industry brand that transcends generations and audiences. The company is globally recognized for its multi-platform, interactive entertainment and licensed products. Atari owns and/or manages a portfolio of more than 200 unique games and franchises, including world-renowned brands like Asteroids®, Centipede®, Missile Command®, Pong®, and RollerCoaster Tycoon®. Atari has offices in New York and Paris.



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