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Turtle Moon Launches HGRAPH.IO


By replacing numerous RESTful API calls with a single GraphQL query, HGRAPH.IO gives Hedera dApps faster performance, easier maintainability, and simpler coding.

Today at the NFT NYC conference, Turtle Moon Command Center (TMCC) announced its latest technological advancement for the Hedera ecosystem, HGRAPH.IO. The current APIs to digest Hedera mainnet data were not built for easily creating, interacting, and reading NFTs. Multiple RESTful API calls to Hedera mirror nodes are required to get all the information needed about one NFT sale. This inefficiency leads to complex coding for developers, slower response time, and difficult data access.

TMCC is launching HGRAPH.IO to solve cumbersome API issues for developers on Hedera. TMCC is partnering with Zuse, the top Hedera NFT Marketplace (by total volume), to be the first closed beta user of HGRAPH.IO. TMCC CEO Patches said, “We are very excited to partner with Zuse as our first closed beta participant. Having their team give quick feedback in large-scale production environments for NFTs on Hedera will help push our technology forward faster and more efficiently.”

“Being able to utilize HGRAPH.IO, an API designed with NFTs in mind, will lead to improved speeds and easier data access for Zuse Market. We look forward to trialing the new API and providing feedback in order to help TMCC tailor it to the specific needs of future users, both inside and outside the NFT space.” -Ash (developer at Zuse market)

By implementing the GraphQL query language on the Hedera network, TMCC has opened the door to the faster efficient development of all projects using Hedera, not just NFT projects. All Hedera mainnet data will be available and much more easily accessible using HGRAPH.io.

TMCC CEO Patches said, “Although we are known for advancing the NFT side of the Hedera ecosystem, HGRAPH.IO is useful for any Hedera-based project. Anything that can be built on Hedera can be improved with HGRAPH.IO. Developers who use it can leverage the high-throughput, low fees, and transaction speed of the Hedera public ledger and the expressiveness and efficiency of GraphQL style access.”

HGRAPH.io will be available in open beta in Q3 2022, for more information please visit www.hgraph.io.



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