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Kounotori is Soaring with Its Whitepaper Release and a Brand New Look


The developers of the five month old crypto project are proud to present their detailed Whitepaper and professional new look to investors.

Kounotori, a project that launched on the Ethereum network on December 3, 2021, boasts a fully doxxed development team, several security features, as well as manipulation resistant tokenomics. With the help of Tech Alchemy, the #1 Blockchain Agency in the world (source: www.clutch.co), the Kounotori development team aims to launch its centralized exchange (CEX) with a staking platform, where the Kounotori Token will take center stage and offer the highest rewards in a stable coin, such as USDT/USDC.

The intention of the project’s centralized exchange (CEX) is to offer KYC approved projects of all sizes a low-cost exchange listing, something that does not currently exist in DeFi. Kounotori’s Whitepaper describes, “Adopting elements of centralization into Kounotori would be essential to our longevity as a serious, and competitive contender in the currently oversaturated cryptocurrency market.” The Whitepaper goes on to explain the project’s ultimate purpose: “We are dedicated to ensuring its security, stability, and ability to provide sustainable staking returns for our holders for years to come, and we are confident that this strategy will propel us towards our goal of becoming one of the biggest centralized exchanges in the DeFi space.”

The Whitepaper illustrates a 6-phase “flightpath” of which the first two phases are already complete. Exchange development and testing will take place in Phase 3, with the launch slated for Phase 4. The launch of the integrated staking platform, which aims to pay 20% APR in stable coins like USDT & USDC, will be a key milestone of Phase 5, along with a mobile app for the CEX. Phase 6 will see the launch of Kounotori’s blockchain and stablecoin.

The project’s three-tiered NFT collection, created by artist Whon Jick and consisting of Valley Storks, OG Valley Storks, and Nintai was airdropped to early holders as a “thank you” from the developers. This art will have its own utility and perks within the centralized exchange.

With the project fully defined and work underway on the deliverables, the development team came to the realization that they had outgrown the project’s current logo and appearance. It was time for a refreshed, professional appearance, one that would match the ambitions and intentions of the project.

“Our Whitepaper will be a game-changer,” says Gerion, Kounotori Project Lead. “Trust the process and trust us, we are here for you no matter what. The price right now is what it is, but this community is our greatest achievement.”

Marketing/Creative Lead for the project, Lee, had this to say about the Whitepaper, the project’s direction and its new look: “Hard work is paying off. I do not doubt that in a years time, I will be earning a wage from staking rewards on Kounotori’s exchange.”

To review the Whitepaper and experience the project’s fresh new look, visit the project’s official website: https://www.kounotoritoken.com/



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