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Renova Technology is Registered with the Massachusetts Gaming Commision


Renova Technology is registered with the Massachusetts Gaming Commission to perform repairs on out-of-warranty commercial security equipment.

 Renova Technology, a leader in aftermarket repair is now licensed to perform repairs of commercial security equipment for casinos in Massachusetts in accordance with the Massachusetts Gaming Commission.

According to Renova Technology, casino customers save substantially on each camera repair vs. replacement. The quantity of surveillance equipment employed per casino and gaming environments is larger than other enterprises.

Renova’s services include refurbishment and associated repair logistics such as forward, reverse, and advanced exchange programs.

Renova’s repair menu includes over 2,800 SKUs from over 250 brands. The portfolio of high-end surveillance equipment includes IP camera repair, PTZ camera repairs, NVR & DVR technology, joysticks, and other surveillance peripherals.

According to Louis Pine, Director of Sales and Marketing at Renova Technology, “Our ability to support casinos in Massachusetts is another great win for our team. We are now repairing for casinos all across the country. With the supply chain challenges many enterprises are experiencing, casinos in Massachusetts can use our services to get devices repaired in days vs. waiting on new products in backlog.”

To request Renova Technology’s Registration Number for Massachusetts Gaming Commission, please visit us online and get in touch.

Renova Technology is a best-in-class repair services provider for manufacturers, contract manufacturers, integrators, field service enterprises, and end-users.
Renova’s core focus is the repair of complex electronics at the component level with detailed repair data collection and business intelligence. Renova customers include top SDM Integrators, Department of Homeland Security, Regional Integrators, Municipalities, Universities, Hospitals, Casinos, and more.

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