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Crypto Lists Ltd. Release Top Lists for Crypto


After months of preparation, some of Scandinavia’s most reputable affiliate entrepreneurs have released the beta version of CryptoLists.com. Like the name reveals, the quickly improving crypto site provides top lists that matters for consumers looking to invest in digital assets.

 Crypto Lists is a GEO-IP based website, where the top lists can change and adjust based on the visitor’s region. While most cryptocurrencies exchanges can be used globally, custom made content matters because crypto regulation varies heavily around the world. Most competitors do not take the customers location into consideration. This way, Crypto Lists Ltd aims to be relevant and compliant for users all over the world.

Crypto Lists review all kinds of blockchains, crypto platforms, crypto brokers, crypto exchanges, decentralized exchanges along with coins and tokens. Many beginners, intermediate and advanced crypto investors are continuously looking for top lists related to cryptocurrencies. The goal for CryptoLists.com is to provide a wide range of top lists covering everything from meme coins to play to earn tokens, stablecoins or NFTs.

Many people are continuously looking for top lists related to cryptocurrencies. The latest report from Finbold shows that around 10% of the global population owns some form of cryptocurrencies.

Crypto lists provide live prices on the website for all kinds of cryptocurrencies. All from major crypto coins like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) to smaller and newer tokens such as Chiliz (CHZ), Decentraland (MANA) and Luni Coin (LUNI).

While there are specific top lists for coins, there is also an overview with all of them. Similar is true for crypto exchanges, with sites having a license in the U.S ranking higher for vistors there while European visitors are shown relevant crypto exchanges for them,

Crypto Lists has taken help from a design team to make it more user friendly and fun to browse around. While there is lots of data and facts, already in the beta version, it should be exciting to browse Crypto Lists. One of the tricks is to use more images, in high resolution. Some examples of especially popular categories include the category for buying or selling crypto, and the most comprehensive guide to deposit methods into crypto. Already when launching, 109 different options are shown on Crypto Lists Limited’s website. Both common deposit methods such as Visa, Mastercard and PayPal can be used, or more unusual such as Skrill, Union Pay and Peer to Peer. All is shown as options on the new and continuously developing site.

Among the most popular crypto top lists, meme coin and play to earn coins are two of the most popular right now. Another category gaining ground is tokenized stocks, while NFT coins is expected to be very popular for the rest of 2022.

There will also be both short flash news and longer news featured on Crypto Lists.



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